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#2 Solution graph is too small on high resolution screens leppa defect major 0.1.4 gui
#3 Solution graph font size should be fixed leppa defect normal 0.1.4 gui
#4 Add support for embedded base64 encoded images when saving solution as HTML leppa enhancement minor 0.1.4 output
#5 Add page setup ability for printing leppa enhancement normal 0.1.4 general
#6 Bug: Actions in Options Menu leppa defect minor 0.1.4 gui
#7 No Cancel option in Unsaved Changes dialog under Symbian leppa defect major 0.1.4 gui
#8 Add the ability to control the solution graph size leppa enhancement minor future-release-0.1.x output
#9 Solution graph is still exported to HTML when graph generation is disabled leppa defect normal 0.1.4 output
#10 Add support for MHTML format leppa enhancement minor 0.1.5 output
#11 Main Window is cut in landscape mode in Symbian leppa defect major 0.1.5 gui
#13 All colors should be configurable through Settings Dialog leppa enhancement minor 0.1.5 output
#14 All "hidden" settings should be configurable through the Settings Dialog leppa enhancement minor future-release-0.1.x general
#15 Try to fix wrong placement of tspsg.ini leppa defect minor 0.1.5 general
#16 Default text color in Symbian is the same as background color leppa defect normal 0.1.5 output
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